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Titlesort descending Type Category Publication Date
Sample Policy and Procedure for the Protection of Removable Media Devices Tools & Forms Regulations Dec 12, 2018
Sample Policy for Reporting Overpayments Tools & Forms Billing, Regulations Dec 07, 2018
Scope and severity survey guide Tools & Forms Billing, Coding, Documentation Nov 15, 2017
Skilled Nursing Facility Self-Audit Tools & Forms Aug 29, 2016
Slide Presentation CMS PDPM Call Dec 11, 2018 Tools & Forms Billing, Medicare, Regulations, Reimbursement Dec 11, 2018
SNF Advance Beneficiary Notice (new) CMS 2018 revision & form completion instructions Tools & Forms Billing, Documentation, Medicare, Regulations, Reimbursement Mar 06, 2018
Survey readiness (clinical) Tools & Forms Billing, Documentation Nov 15, 2017
Survey readiness (environmental/life safety) Tools & Forms Billing, Documentation Nov 15, 2017
Transfer of Appeals Tools & Forms Medicare, Regulations Jun 16, 2015
Triple Check Meeting Agenda Tools & Forms Documentation, Medicare, Quality, Regulations Jun 28, 2015
UB04 Claim Form Tools & Forms Billing, Reimbursement Aug 31, 2018
Webcast: 2018 PBJ updates (aired July 16, 2018) Webcasts Quality, Regulations Jul 16, 2018
Webcast: Avoiding Common Errors on the ABN that Lead to Medicare Part A Denials (aired June 14, 2017) Webcasts Billing, Coding Jun 14, 2017
Webcast: Functional reporting & G-codes for Part B therapy billing (aired August 16, 2017) Webcasts Aug 16, 2017
Webcast: Healthcare policy update 2016 (aired December 19, 2016) Webcasts Billing, Coding, Regulations Dec 19, 2016
Webcast: ICD-10 coding and billing (aired November 22, 2017) Webcasts Billing, Coding Nov 22, 2017
Webcast: Linking Reimbursement to Quality Care - Part 2 (aired June 22, 2016) Webcasts Documentation, Quality, Regulations Jun 22, 2016
Webcast: Regulatory updates & PDPM overview (aired October 3, 2018) Webcasts Billing, Reimbursement Oct 10, 2018
Webcast: SNF Compliance and ethics (aired June 21, 2017) Webcasts Medicare, Quality, Regulations Jul 18, 2017
Webcast: SNF Payment Reform in 2018 (aired February 23, 2018) Webcasts Billing, Coding, Medicare, Regulations Feb 23, 2018