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The Billers’ Association for Long-Term Care is a membership community created specifically for long-term care billing professionals. This national association provides members with a resource of continuously updated tools, billing-specific education, and reimbursement and regulatory guidance. Become a member today and join your long-term care billing colleagues as you navigate the evolving world of post-acute care billing.

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HCPro's boot camps and webcasts cover the lastest Medicare rules and regulations so you can help your facility provide quality resident care, bill appropriately for services, prevent payment denials, and ensure survey success


  1. Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Boot CampMonday 02/12/2018
  2. Long-Term Care Administrator’s Boot CampMonday 02/26/2018
  3. Medicare Boot Camp®—Long-Term Care VersionMonday 03/12/2018



  1. Long-Term Care Administrator's Virtual Workshop: How QMs Imp…Tuesday 12/19/2017

On Demand

  1. CMS' New Infection Control Requirements: What You Need to Implement a Successful Anti…
  2. How to Transition to an Alarm-Free Facility Without Compromising Resident Safety - On…
  3. Analyzing the SNF UB-04 to Help Your Facility Reduce Audit Risk - On-Demand
  4. Acute and Postacute Care Coordination: Manage Quality and Financial Outcomes of Prolo…
  5. Optimizing Managed Care Partnerships to Maximize Clinical Outcomes and Increase Reven…
  6. Emergency Preparedness for SNFs: How to Plan for, Respond to, and Recover From an Arm…
  7. Consolidated Billing for SNFs: A Close Look at the Five Major Categories - On-Demand
  8. SNF Rehab Services in a Value-Based Environment: Maximize Treatment Time, Limit Non-B…
  9. PPS Scheduling: Optimal Reimbursement while Reducing Default Rates and Provider Liabl…
  10. Dementia Care Training for Your Facility - On-Demand
  11. Medicare Part B: Get the Most Out of Your SNF Reimbursement - On-Demand
  12. Reduce Avoidable Rehospitalizations: Protect Your SNF's Reimbursement and Star Rating…
  13. MDS 3.0: Mastering Section GG and other changes effective October 1 - On-Demand
  14. ACOs and Bundling: The New Dating Game - On-Demand
  15. Surviving the MDS/Staffing Focused Survey - On-Demand
  16. Changing How We Care Plan: Best Practices for Resident Quality Outcomes in Long-Term …
  17. Activities in Assisted Living: Create a Successful Activity Program for Your Communit…
  18. OUT OF PRINT - ICD-10: Where Are You Now? - On-Demand
  19. Medicare Part A Admissions: Best Practices for Your Skilled Nursing Facility - On-Dem…
  20. Dementia Care in Assisted Living: New Strategies for Improving Resident Care - On-Dem…
  21. Loyal Listener Library
  22. Loyal Listener Library
  23. Loyal Listener Library
  24. Loyal Listener Library
  25. OUT OF PRINT - Medicare Compliance and the UB-04: Reduce Your Facility’s Audit Risk…


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