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The Billers’ Association for Long-Term Care (BALTC) is a membership community created specifically for professionals involved in the long-term care revenue cycle. This national association provides members with a resource of continuously updated tools, reimbursement and regulatory guidance, and education to help prevent revenue loss and documentation and billing errors so providers can withstand audits at any point in time. With its involved expert advisory board members and active talk group, this engaged group of professionals is a great place for sharing and receiving best practices, tips, and tools with your peers.

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Streamline consolidated billing claim submission with this tool

May 11, 2018
The Bottom Line

Looking for guidance on consolidated billing claim creation and validation efforts? Click here for a claims processing flow chart. This chart will help facilities:

  • Ensure all necessary logistical information is present on the claim form (e.g., beneficiary name, invoice number, description of charges, and appropriate Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes)

  • Determine payment responsibility

  • Decide whether to ultimately process the bill

By incorporating review of the chart into the everyday workflow, SNFs can promote ongoing compliance among their billing staff and prevent denials stemming from easily avoidable errors.

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